“Just wanted to let you know that my grandparents use to ditch Wilson High School and meet at Joe’s. My mom and dad use to ditch Wilson High and meet at Joe’s. My dad is a LA sheriff and takes his buddies to Joe’s. And my brother’s and I ditched Wilson and had our specials at Joe’s. Although I’m now in Milwaukee, my brother Paul is in Glenwood Springs, CO, and my brother Darrel is in Maui, whenever we come back home to Long Beach to visit grandparents and parents, the first place we go to from the LAX is Joe’s.”

Scott Ferguson

“Hey everyone, how are you? I was recently in the Long Beach Naval shipyards, and ever since my dad told me about your tavern, I’ve brought everyone in there. He’s been going there since about the 40’s. Every time we go in to have a beer there, he always says nothing’s changed…that is fantastic! I love Joe’s, it’s my favorite place to hang out and watch the games. Especially, with the pickled eggs, Schooners, and awesome Polish sausage sandwich. Anyways, I just met someone up here in Sacramento that had a Joe’s shirt on with “JoeJosts.com” so I had to send an E-mail. I miss you. It seems like I always run into people wearing their shirts, about the same time I am, and we get into being nostalgic…and talk about all the fun we’ve had at the bar. I’ve had conversations with people for at least an hour on the same topic. I should be down in the area in about a month or so, and you can believe that I’ll be stopping by with my girlfriend. I can guarantee that she’ll love Joe’s too.”

Jeffrey Howell

“To the gang at Joe’s, There’s not many things about southern California that I have missed since moving to Oregon a few years back. However, there’s not a day that goes by without a faint urge for a schooner, a special and a couple of eggs. I’ve searched far and wide for good eggs up here, from Portland and Walla Walla and down to Ashland, hell most people don’t even know what the hell a pickled egg is. The poor ignorant clods. Anyway, it was good to see the old gang there this last weekend. Dipper, give a hey to Mark and tell him sorry I missed him. The minute I got home, I proudly displayed my new “joejosts.com” shirt to my wife, and her reaction: “Jesus, not another Joe Jost’s shirt.” Life is good. Take care.”

Jim Duffy

“Just wanted to send something. I have been coming to Josts for 11 years and think it is equal to church of sorts (in a way I praise it and all it has to offer). Thanks for being.”

David Warnimont

“I was there on New Years Day and you were closed. Oh my God. My world does not make sense anymore.”


“Joe Jost’s on the internet! This is great! You have the most wonderful place I have ever been to. ‘Been going to Joe’s since the early sixties and to tell you the truth, I have savored every minute. We always look forward to heading down to your place, especially with Herb of Herb’s Automotive. Thanks for keeping everything as is and keep up the good work. Just one of your many faithful patrons,”

Don Allison

“Hello Joe, I used to live in Belmont Shore in the late 60’s and I remember spending a lot of time eating pickled eggs and specials, and occasionally drinking beer, and making friends. Here in Colorado, no one has any concept of what a great pickled egg is, so whenever I find someone going to the LA area I always send them to Joe’s and have them bring back pickled eggs for me. Thanks,”

Stuart Fox

“To the Bartenders, Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE and a friendly pub to relax in! From just another face over the bar,”

Amanda Dick and Dennis

“Good afternoon, My brother told me that you had a web page and I just found it! What a treat to see the old place again. . I now live in Florida but when I was in Long Beach a number of years ago, I entered your doors many times and ordered a schooner and a special. My brother still lives in your area and taunts me by saying I went to Joe’s last night etc. Thanks for the memories.”

Mark Bastings

“Accidentally found my old east L.B. hangout from a lonnnnnnng time ago. Certainly fun seeing it on the WEB! Haven’t been out there for at least 30 years….How about sending some of those wonderful pickled eggs up to West Los Angeles….:) Best Wishes Howard Rosenberg (raised in West Long Beach, Poly Grad.)”

Howard Rosenberg