“This is the best bar in long beach. Tons of history, laid back, working class crowd. Yeah, it can be hard to get a drink, esp. on a Friday afternoon, but who cares! The specials are awesome and the pickled eggs even better. Just hope you’re sleeping alone after eating those eggs!”

Emily O

“I love this bar! This is a great kick-your-feet-up kind of place. They make a mean polish sandwich and serve their beer in schooner glasses. They also have Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap, which is kind of rare. Their pickled eggs are famous, they sell out during the holiday seasons. If you’re looking for a place to play some pool, or sit back in a chill, low key bar, then this is your place. They only take cash though, but they do have an ATM. Extra trivia: the walls are filled with JJ fans sporting Joe Jost’s T-Shirts at famous locations all over the world.”

Cynthia H

“This place is fantastic. Since I first went there a good 10 years ago, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a jar of pickled eggs from Joe Jost’s in my fridge. They are amazing and I’ve yet to try any that come close to tasting the same. Also check out the Joe Jost’s special, which is really just a polish sandwich. Great place to hang out on a weekend, or slip in just to pick up a jar of pickled eggs.”

Rich B

“I always make a semi-annual trip to have the special and knock back a couple. Although they publish their recipe for pickled eggs, when we make ’em at home, they’re not quite right. I’m certain they’re leaving out some secret ingredient.

You got the pool, shuffleboard and the polish sandwiches. Plus, the front door/wall slides open for that nice open feel, but most of the time I cram myself in the corner.

When you go, ALWAYS pick up a couple T-shirts. No matter where you go, you WILL get comment about it. I’ve been to Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii and someone says, “Joe Jost’s, how’s the special?” It’s pretty funny.

I’d give it a 5-star for the historical aspect (one of the oldest, if not THE oldest bar in Long Beach), but I’m not in the immediate area and only go on rare occasion, but the place is awesome.”

Chris J

“Ah, Joe’s…My heart just warms to the thought of icey cold schooners (about 27 degrees) of PBR, pretzel’s, pickled eggs, and Specials…Mmmmm!!!! This place is like an old friend. Best pub for miles & miles around, no doubt.”

Michelle S

“I’m a Long Beach native and I surprisingly just made my first trip to Joe Jost’s. I’m a bit of a PBR hater, but it is SOOOO good on tap! There are other beers that I would have rather ordered but I figured my first trip required schooners of PBR to properly pay my respects to this local bar. Honestly, if I go back I’ll probably stick with pbr. It’s amazing what a difference there is in taste when it’s on tap. I wasn’t hungry at all so I didn’t order the hot dog sandwich or pickled eggs to get the entire Joe Josts experience. The bar was pretty packed for 1pm on a weekday. That’s actually the reason it’s getting 4 stars instead of 5. When I walked in 15 old men turned and stared at me like they had never seen a female before. It made me a little uncomfortable. I guess it was sorta my fault, I was wearing a cleavage revealing dress cuz I didn’t know that’s where I was headed when I left the house. Girls-cover up your boobs if you don’t want dirty old guys perving on you! Another thing that was kind of strange, a couple of ladies came in with their young children. Who takes kids to bars and isn’t that illegal? It’s not like it’s a restaurant but I guess the hot dog sandwich they serves is what makes it legal. I have to say-it was a wonderful and mellow location with great atmosphere to catch up with an old friend over a few beers, pervy old guys and all. My friend bought the shirt.”


“Great little neighborhood bar. Oldest bar in the LBC. Hadn’t been here in quite sometime, but recently came back and little has changed (cept no more Harp on tap ;o( ) Friendly local bar with cool peeps in every age range, and a friendly staff.”

Dave C

“Some of the other reviews on this place hit it on the head… “It’s so ugly it’s cute” If you get tired of the swank and the sweetness of all of the modern bars, this place is SOUR in a good way! It’s at least an “I’ve been there” place so you can tell people you meet. I’ve been back more than once… sometimes those pickled eggs just call me… then I remember how much damn gas they give you, the price you pay for happiness I guess.”

Randy S

“The Gem of Long Beach … well … mine, anyway!

Ya gotta get the “Special” and a couple bags of the best damn peanuts around.

Don’t be snoozin’ … when the fire truck stops in front … haul ass and throw em a bag of peanuts!”

Dave R

“This place is amazing in the sense that, this bar is in the middle of a tough and colorful area of Long Beach and when you walk in you’re brought to this historical landmark where little has changed in a century. White collar families, business men, grand parents to local joes all hanging out drinking Pabst beer and eating pickled eggs.

I don’t know what it is, but I would never buy Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the grocery store or order it at any bar nor do I seek out pickled eggs in any other venue, but there’s something about being served and ice cold Pabst beer in a schooner and gnawing on one of their famous pickled eggs with a sprinkle of salt and pepper that just makes me smile.

It’s fun to go there on a late Sunday afternoon and play pool in the back room.

If I didn’t know any better, I ‘d swear that there’s a secret brotherhood amongst their patrons. My clue is their T-shirts. It doesn’t matter where you are, you could be on a beach in Puerto Vallarta or walking the streets in SoHo and if you’re wearing a Joe Jost’s T-shirt, there is a high probability that someone (usually a middle aged caucasian man) will walk up to you and say hello.”

Cheryl R