“I have loved Joe’s since the day I first set foot in the friendly confines in the mid 1980’s. The ice cold schooners, the sandwiches, the pretzels, and hot peppers that would remove the epidermis from your lips. Tasty pickled eggs too, although an egg did lodge in my lower intestine one time and gave me a case of gas that wouldn’t quit. Yet, it was good Joe’s gas! In addition, I’ve always admired the chocolate colored deer head on the wall – tactfully decorated for Christmas with a threadbare string of lights casually tossed onto his antlers. You just can’t get more festive than that! Perhaps my proudest day was when my photo (along with my old friend and Long Beach native Eddie Shirron) earned a spot on the Wall of Fame. That’s us at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Joe Josts forever!”

Greg Durham

“In the summer of ’69 a colleague and I were working in the Long Beach area when I was introduced to “Joe Jost’s”. A small, unpretentious eatery with a line of patrons running out to the sidewalk. It didn’t matter what your stature in life was, a worker with a tool belt or a suit carrying a brief case, all were welcome. The sandwich, the beer, the pickled egg and the speedy service were all excellent. I have never forgotten Joe’s and have told countless others of this experience so that they too could enjoy the same memories I have. Joe Jost’s is and always will be a national icon even surpassing that other place associated with Coney Island.”

A Zanardi

“My cuz, Gene Schugg, insisted that I visit Joe’s last January. We did & I was impressed, especially with the Shiner on tap though I will say that the temp gauge & peanuts would have sold me even without this. I jus want you to know that we’re still sucking down Shiner in Texas and it goes well with Univ. of Texas victories. I think we’ll be back out there for the Rose Bowl again this year. So, I hope to visit Joe’s again. Take care and keep up the good work (and beer)!!! Mike “Hook ‘em” Hayes Kerrville, Texas”

Mike Hayes

“Joe Jost’s Testimonial To all the father and sons, who have tipped a schooner at Joe Jost’s…I was introduced to Joe Jost’s in 1970, by a crew of sailing buddies, soon after arriving in California from Michigan, and rapidly became a regular. My folks retired soon afterwards and headed from Michigan to Florida. Each time they came to Southern California to visit us, my Dad and I would religiously go to Joe Jost’s! Back in Florida, Dad proudly wore his Joe Jost’s t-shirt, as a conversation starter, so he could tell his golf buddies about Joe Jost’s and the many times he shared a schooner there with his son, Tom. The last time Dad was out, he was in his mid-80’s, not in all that good a health, and having to use a walker to get about. I figured a visit to our old haunt, Joe Jost’s, might be more than he could handle at that point, and just never raised the prospect. I learned afterwards, from my Mother that upon their return to Florida Dad commented on what a great time he had, but added that we hadn’t gone to his beloved Joe Jost’s to tip a schooner. When I eventually heard about it, my heart sank. I had disappointed my Dad. I promised myself that no matter what shape he was in next visit, we would hit Joe Jost’s and share another schooner! I regret to note here that there was no next visit. Dad passed without another chance to go West to visit his family, son and Joe Jost’s. What I have today, though, are many incredibly happy memories of my Dad at Joe Jost’s. To this day, I can’t help but shed a happy tear when I put down a schooner, because I know that Dad is here with me…‘cause Joe Jost’s is a “bit of heaven” that Father and son shared.”


“My first experience at the Jost’s was in 1953. It was a place for my dad to go with his buddies shoot pool & of course smoke cigars. If I remember right you could buy cigars here too. I was only 5 at the time but enjoyed going there back then. Through the ages going back with my Dad to share a beer was an event worth looking forward too. After all these years I still come back and always bring a friend to share the experience. Everyone I bring there tells someone else, it is the best shared secret in the world. You can tell by the pictures all over the world that this is the place. Always a friendly crowd, and always the coldest beer anywhere. I will be back there this Sunday.”

Neild Spinney

“My wife and I were guests of our daughter and her family the last time we visited them in Orange, CA. This was our first, but not last, time to Joe Jost’s. We left with souvenir t-shirts and happy memories. Today is Memorial day 2006, and I’m happy to say I wore your t-shirt on our drive home from visiting other family members in Manistee, Michigan. Looking forward to Joe Jost’s next time we’re in CA!”


“Dear Joe Jost’s Family, A couple of days ago you got an email from Tony Vernogis stating that he’s wearing your t-shirt in Michigan and really enjoyed his visit to your place while visiting his family (that would be me, his daughter out here in Orange, CA). Please know that he is extra special in that he is the recipient/survivor of a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. Every day with him (and my mom, who has is the reason he has come though this trail so well) in our lives is a blessing…he has never once complained, even through the roughest of times. He cherishes each and every moment and has a heart of gold, unselfishly giving to those he considers less fortunate. Just thought you should know that your shirts grace the backs of two very wonderful and special people. Thanks and God bless.”

Julie Foley

“Hi guys, im from brisbane australia i went to joe jost in the begin of oct 06 … i could’nt of ask for better service the food was great . i especially loved the sausage on rye .. i brought a shirt from you guys and when went to las vegas i had people shouting me drinks just for wearing your shirt ..it was a great pub and i will be back in jan 07 and joe josts will be the first place i visit … thanx guys great pub !!!!!”


“I lived in Downey 1969 to 1975 and worked in Long Beach – my brother and I stopped in all the time for a schooner and pickled eggs – just looked on the internet and I’m not surprised that you’re still in business – I’ve talked of your tavern many times over the years – hopefully will be able to stop by in the near future to relive old and favored memories.”

Rick Eldred

“A must visit place for anyone who likes ice cold beer, good sandwiches, good people, and a saloon with history. Whether it’s the photos on the wall (from all over the world), the pool tables in the back, the pickled eggs, Joe Jost specials (sandwich), or the fresh roasted peanuts, you feel like you have walked into an episode of The Twilight Zone set in the 40’s. Lots of other places have come and gone, but Joe Jost’s is one of those constants you can count on. Even though I have been stopping by for 30 years, it never gets old. Maybe that is why it is shut down once in a while when Hollywood wants to use Joe’s for a location shot.”