“Accidentally found my old east L.B. hangout from a lonnnnnnng time ago. Certainly fun seeing it on the WEB! Haven’t been out there for at least 30 years….How about sending some of those wonderful pickled eggs up to West Los Angeles….:) Best Wishes Howard Rosenberg (raised in West Long Beach, Poly Grad.)”

Howard Rosenberg

“Great Web Site! Joe would be proud to reach out to the whole world. I first went to Joe’s in 1960 because at age 17 it “was” the only place in Long Beach that didn’t ask for my id to shoot pool. My wife also had a surprise 40th birthday party for me there. I have been taking my daughters there since they were small and when they were home for Christmas vacation from the University of Arizona, they had to get a T-shirt to wear in Arizona. It has been a great place through the years and it still is. Once again, great job on the web site.”


“Hello! Just stopped by to revisit your webpage. Nice improvements! My Grandfather used to spend many hours in the back room making union deals while enjoying a schooner. My mother lived in the apartment above the bar when she was born, and I started visiting Joe’s in the early 70’s when I turned 21. I didn’t realize until years later how Joe’ fit into my family history. In the recent past, while in the area, visiting Joe’s with a friend we found that our Grandfather’s frequented your establishment during the same time period. We are sure they were friends. I still own a faded, torn (original blue T-shirt) from the 70’s. Its a bitchin’ memory of my youth after graduating from Jordan. Each time I am in the area I stop in an have a Joe’s special and pickled egg. In fact I am on the Wall of Fame in the “Margaritaville Bar” in New Orleans, La. My buddy Pat Purdy (from Jordan’s “Theta Phi” fraternity) brought the picture in and you hung it. Thanks for all the great times and memories. trtllvr@cwia.com”

Kurt Hutchison

“Since moving to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) soon after graduating from Cal State Long Beach in 1975, I haven’t had that much time to return to Long Beach for a visit and to one of my hangouts while attending college- Joe Jost’s. It wasn’t until this morning when one of our employees came in with a Joe Jost’s T-shirt that I was reminded of the pickled eggs, peanuts, and pool we used to enjoy. I couldn’t believe it! A Joe Jost T-shirt in Redmond, Washington! Here’s to ya and all those pool games and schooners we all used to enjoy during our breaks from classes at Long Beach State!”

Al Kawashima

“Dear Joe’s, It was one of life’s greatest pleasures discovering your bar. Never before have I seen such a great sense of tradition and atmosphere in a drinking establishment.”

Jason Brewer

“Just got my new JoeJost.com T-shirt, and I got to change my son’s diaper from his first special. I’m glad to see the website so I can show people what I am always trying to describe. Thanks for being there for the next generation of my family.”

Chris and Curtis Mason

“Dear Joe, I visited your bar in the afternoon of 05/30/97 as I was on a business trip from Ohio. I had a schooner of PBR and a few pickled eggs which were “Grrrreeeeattt!” I also picked up a ball cap with the schooner logo which, by the way, I am wearing right now. Anyway take care and someday I will be back!”


“For some years now on my birthday friends have purchased your T-shirts for me. I have always been pleased because of the quality of the cloth and workmanship, because the major design is on the back of the shirt and because your t-shirt supplier offered a shirt with a front pocket. Over the years I have owned and worn out a half dozen regular shirts and tank tops. The schooner logo is always a subject of conversation. You would be surprised the number of people up and down the state I have met who have hoisted a few at Joe’s. I just got 1 more shirt and 2 tanks for father’s day. Thanks again.”


“Finally, I got access to the site… My family and I are from Huntington Beach but we moved to Houston in early 1986 and to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1989, you heard of Dhahran, it was made famous back in 1990, during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Even since then, I been able to visit Joes at least once a year and enjoy an original or two, some eggs, hot peppers and at least two cold ones. When I use to work at Sii Willis in Signal Hill I ate lunch at Joes at least twice a week… coldest brew in the west! I’ll be home for the holidays, around December 2, and will stop in to say hi, pick up a couple of new tank tops and tee shirts. Till then, I will visit the site to stay up to date. Keep’On’Truckin'”

Randy George

“During the summer months years back I would spend them at “House Molino” a house located just around the corner from Joe Josts. Most every morning I would crawl out of bed with only one thought on my mind – is Joe Josts open yet? Once the doors of Joe Josts opened up I would perch up on a barstool and order a picked egg with pretzels and a schooner – it was a beautiful way of life. I look back on those days at Joe Josts as some of the most important and memorable of all, I truly believe Joe Josts has made me what I am today – an International Playboy. Looking forward to my next visit.”