“Joe Jost’s has been a entity in the MacPherson family for three generations Before she died, my grandmother told me that a year after my Grandpa started the family business, MacPherson Plastering, he didn’t want her to pack a lunch some days because he was going to Joe Jost’s for a Special. That was in 1924. When I was a little girl, women didn’t go into Joe Jost’s. My dad would park in front in our 1955 Chevy BelAir, go in and buy 4 Specials and we’d eat in the car. That was in 1958. Then in 1969 when I started Poly and pledged Phi Gam, my big sisters took me into Joe Jost’s one Friday night – my first time. By then it had changed generations and was a hang-out for the Cal State Long Beach crowd. I’ll never forget seeing my 10th grade history teacher, Mr. Radford, playing pool in the back room after the Poly football game! I was shocked. Now my brother, Mark, and I meet there whenever we can. We see “kids” we went through Longfellow, Hughes and Poly with. They bring their children and grand-children. In all our travels, we’ve never found anyplace like it. It’s a “home” to a lot of us native Long Beachers and always will be.”

Pamela MacPherson

“Ken and Staff, My allegiance to Joe’s is deep and steeped in history. Actually it only seems like history, but it is deep. I now live in Los Altos (Northern Ca.)….and nothing like Joe’s exits here or anywhere else that I know of. I only have two reasons to travel back to the Long Beach area now: Joe Jost’s Specials and eggs and to visit my fraternity brothers. I pledged SAE in fall 79 and I graduated from LBSU in 82 and actually tended bar @ Joe’s for a few semesters way back in 1981. I still remember fondly the days after school and the excitement about actually going to work! I loved it and had many great hours, wrapping polishes, talking with customers (characters), pouring schooners and serving eggs and pretzels ( I should not write this during lunch, it’s tough for me to not be there!). Anyway, Joe’s hold a special spot in my heart and stomach and I recently served “Specials” to my entire family: wife, kids aged 6-11-13 and they all loved them! Quick true story: I still remember the phone behind the bar ringing at 4pm everyday…it was the wife of the local postman (Ed, I think)…anyway, she always asked if Ed were there? …..and we were told to say “No, but if we see him we’ll let him know you called” “Ed” was actually a few feet away at the bar ( third stool from the left) with a combo beer/tomato juice in a small glass! and a great big smile on his face…….I often wonder what ever happened to Ed, but I suspect the tradition lives on, probably with Ed’s son! Take care and thanks for the great traditions, food and memories…… chetdouglas@hotmail.com”

Chet Douglas

“Hey there, how are you doin man, just wanted to say that i miss long beach and i miss your bar as well i used to live on obispo street, now i live in post falls , idaho and i miss all the scene in california , keep up the dedicated will to keeping this bar up and going in its original state, see ya,”

Steve Marshall

“I started coming in to your tavern when I got out of the Navy in 1962. Since I’m living in Oregon I only get to visit once in a while now, although I will be moving south when I retire next Feb. Looking forward to a few cold ones among friends. My family actually has quite a history with you. My uncle, Jim Loughran, was a close friend of Joe’s many years before I first came in.”


“Hello Joes! I was born and raised in Long Beach (the shores) and had my first ‘Special’ back in the early 60’s. My Dad and Grandpa would take me there after racing at Ascot Park. When I think back, cokes were a dime and a special was a quarter or something like that. During the late 80’s my son and I would stop there after racing at Ascot. I went there all the time while I was growing up. When 21 came, after work on the way home from Signal Hill, I’d stop in for a schooner of Pabst. Many a good Schooner, special, and eggs did I enjoy! The ambience was always great! I remember the attempt of a 2nd Joes downtown, but nothing is ever as good as the original. My wife, kids and I relocated to WA just outside of Olympia back in 92′. We come down every year to visit friends and relative, and when we do, our 1st and last stop is always at Joes, the greatest place in LB to have a good sandwich and a cold beer! Gotta a lot of memories there! I’ve gotta a great photo coming soon for ‘The Wall. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it! Cool website! Keep on keepin’ on JoeJosts! Looking forward to another visit soon!”

Dana Frey

“We visited Long Beach about 15 years ago. Our favorite spot was without a doubt Joe Jost’s. We came day after day for beer, pretzels and the highlight, PICKLED EGGS!!!! What a perfect combination. What perfect eggs! All these years later we are still salivating and thinking about those yellow eggs with just the right kick of peppers. Is there any way you can tell us how to make them at home?? We live in PA, and we are tortured not to be able to taste those eggs! We put in “Joe Jost’s pickled eggs” into our google search, and there you were. It was great to relive the experience a bit…thanks especially for posting your menu board! Please send us a recipe…or at least a few hints!! Still thinking of you after all these years.”


“Hello: I just discovered your great website and am elated!!! I retired in Wisconsin a couple of years ago from Huntington Beach after growing up in Long Beach and the only thing I miss about the area is Joe’s! I started going there in 1958 after graduating from Poly in 55′ (actually,the truth be know,I snuck in a few times before I was supposed to!). We used to meet there at 6:00 pm each Thursday night to play snooker and golf until closing at 11:00. Remember in particular the care Wally used to give the tables by brushing after each game. We used to make wagers on weather or not the ashes from the cigarette in his mouth were going to fall on the table while he was brushing it. He was really a unique guy and fit in just perfectly with the ambiance of Joe’s. Now I have my pool table in the basement and no one plays until it is brushed after each game (thanks for the training Wally!) My biggest problem here is trying to duplicate the pickled eggs so I can show my friends one of the greatest things about Joe’s (thus far not successful). I was hoping you would take pity on an old patron and let me have the recipe as I am going through terrible pickled egg withdrawal pains.”

Bill Brundage

“Hello from God’s Country near Green Bay, Wisconsin! I first visited Joe Jost’s after returning from the Gulf War while serving in the Marine Corps in the early ’90’s. A Marine buddy of mine (Matt Saenz) took me there to show me that there was a “real” tavern in Southern California (I had been skeptical about that since I was from one of the largest tavern states in the country–Wisconsin). Anyhow, Matt and I use to spend our weekend “Libo” trips at his parents house in Long Beach, during which we would find time to stop by to have a special and a schooner and to shoot some pool. I remember how proud he was the first time he and his dad took me there. You could see the obvious pride they both had in your place and in the way it was so real to them. My experiences at Joe Jost’s ended a year or so after returning from Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. I finished my time in the Corps and moved back to Wisconsin. I’ve often thought about SoCal and the good times I had at Joe Jost’s. I have even took measures to make sure that my wife understands how important my blue and grey Joe Jost’s T-shirts are to me and that they are never to be thrown out! When I stumbled on your web-site today I made sure to order some more nostaligic memorabilia. Although it has helped me to remember the good times by seeing your site, it has also made me bummed as I have been trying to locate my friend Matt Saenz for a couple of year’s now with no luck. I last heard that he was a state trooper or police officer near Long Beach. If you or any of your customer’s no the Saenz family or Matt, please give him a shout for me. Thanks! drhoffman@wi-net.com”

Damian Hoffman

“Ken and the gang at Joe’s, Just wanted to say nice re-design on the site, looks great. And a big thanks to Cathleen for the bio on Joe Sr. What a guy! As an old Longo boy (Poly ’62’) living in Seattle for the last 21 years, I very much appreciate being able to log on and grab a virtual schooner and special. Joe’s means a lot to me and I visit a lot (too much according to my wife) when in town every couple of years or so. As one of the people in your testimonials area said Joe’s is like going to church. As soon as I walk through the front door I get re-centered and all’s right with the world. A cold schooner of Pabst, a special and a copy of the Press-Telegram and I’m home again. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

Toby Settle

“I thought the “joejosts.com” on my shirt was funny. I sat here at my computer, with my Joe’s shirt on, and decided to try that address. I’m glad I did. I have only visited once to your Long Beach tavern. Man, what a great place! I really enjoyed the sandwich and egg. Most of all, I felt like the people there, along with the employees, were family! It was a nice place to visit and I will visit Joe’s each time I am in the area! I enjoyed myself so much that I bought one of your baseball shirts. Now all I have to do is find the perfect place to wear it and have it photographed! Continue your great tradition!”