“nuttin’ better than an ice cold PBR in a schooner on a hot summer’s day!! one of long beach’s greatest old bars….”

Richard G

“I have been asking around about this place for a long time. I think knowing exactly what I was getting into, helped a lot. I was expecting a boring sandwich, made by the bartender, on a piece of wax paper….Thats what I got. The simplicity is what gives it so much charm. Not recommended if you want a filling meal. But the wooden booths are cool, and this place is pretty much a historic landmark of Long Beach. I will leave you with this thought. 2 schooners of PBR & 2 Salami Sandwiches total spent =$12.”


“No stainless steel here. No micro brews. No BS. When you are in the mood for an old school saloon, come here. Watch a dodger or angel game. Buy a t-shirt, have a ice cold pabst, fresh roasted peanuts and a couple of pickled eggs.


 A must visit place for anyone who likes ice cold beer, good sandwiches, good people, and a old school saloon with history all over the walls.”

Mike K

“Joe Jost’s is everything you have heard it will be. To go to a pub, the oldest in long beach i believe, and get exactly what you’ve always heard about is a rarity.

coldest beer in town
best pickled eggs
hot dog sandwiches
shuffle board
There is nothing else like it in LB – possibly anywhere. ***

cash only”

Jessica S

“This is definitely a destination bar. It’s located in an industrial part of Long Beach so it’s probably a bit out of the way for most people but it’s worth it to check it out.

 Supposedly, it’s the oldest business in Long Beach and the atmosphere inside the bar carries that charm. There’s a digital display of the temperature of the bear on the wall (~28.5 degrees) and the crowd is a mix of locals and first timers/tourists. The ice-cold schooners of PBR and pickled eggs are what made Joe Jost famous and it’s a perfect combination. The eggs are served with pretzels and some chili peppers and they go great with the cold beer. You can even buy some eggs to go!”

Jeremy Y

“Been going since I was a kid, now my kid loves it too. Pickled eggs are the best and they gain converts all of the time. Best beer prices around.”

Cass F

“You can’t call yourself a true Long Beach resident without having a schooner of the coldest beer in town. My mom (a native Long Beacher herself) told me when I turn 21 this has to be one of the first bars I go to and have a schooner of PBR. So listen to my Mom, just don’t do the eggs….for reals people.”

Leslie S

“Lemme get this straight. They split a hotdog in half, then put a pickle slice in the middle and throw it on a piece of rye bread with swiss and mustard. They sell schooners of beer that are so cold it makes an ice burg in the middle of the glass. This place is like a pug. So damn ugly it’s cute. At 40 I was the youngest guy there. It’s like a %#@!ing barber shop! The peppers in the pickled eggs rock the house.”


“You have, or will have seen these shirts around town. It is as close to a coat of arms as you may find in Long Beach. Historic and patronized yet only for those that enjoy. People come and go, glad to have had a beer here.
In the end this is a classic among classics. If at the least, a culinary pulpit might be recognized…the pepper and vinegar pickled eggs are superb, a testament to the many facets of cuisines true jewel.”

Jack O

“I love this bar! I don’t know the next time I will be at this bar, but I love this bar! I can’t just roll in there with all my girls, but its a great place to hang out with a mix of girls & guys – shoot some pool and have a beer. Or two. OK three.

Had gone here w/ a local LBC’er and just love the nostalgia and straight-up honesty of having your PBR in a cold goblet of a glass.

I also had a bite of the polish, and for a girl that does NOT like hot dogs… it hit the spot! Well especially after 4 of those darn goblets. Its just so easy to drink when your beer is a perfect temperature – ICE COLD.

And I stepped up and also had Sierra Nevada on tap… it was worth it.

I got a tip from one of the old timers at the bar… he said to always try to park in the lot beside the bar. Apparently not the safest area to just park on the street. I’ll take that guy’s advice!

I’ll be back…. for the beer and a sweatshirt. Its getting chilly at night now!”

Lisa V