Hello friends at Joe Jost’s,

My cousin Matt and I were weaned at Joe Jost’s, back when our parents were young and hung out at Joe Jost’s, back in the 1960’s, eating pickled eggs and Joe’s Specials, and drinking cold, cold beer. Aunt Jeannie liked the liverwurst sandwich too, I believe.

Matt and I both turned 50 this year, and though I’m doing well, Matt contracted lymphoma a year and a half ago. Matt is the strongest person I think I’ve ever known, and that sheer physical power has kept him alive past all doctor’s expectations. Still, he won’t live to see 51.

I came up to Seattle for what will probably be my last visit with Matt, my first and oldest best friend. And since I knew I’d see my parents, and aunt and uncle, my cousin Randy, and Matt too, (all proud owners of Joe Jost’s t-shirts, which I am wearing now) I pulled the Joe Jost’s pickled egg recipe out of that old IPT article, and brought a jar up to Seattle with me. We’ve exchanged a lot of weird gifts over the years, but this one’s the best.

Thanks for being part of this story.

David Feder
Portland, Oregon

David Feder

“Great place with history. I have been going there ever since I got out of the Navy in 1959.

I proposed to Rosemary in 1968 at Joe Josts when she told me that she “liked this place.”

When ever we are in the area we come in to renew our vows.”


“For many years I worked at L B Community Hospital and after a difficult day my coworkers and I would go to “Joe’s” to unwind. Sometime in the early ’70’s I had a patient named Joe Jost. When I mentioned the good times we had at his bar, he perked up and smiled a thank you. He was a very gentle, soft spoken man and obviously, very pleased to be recognized. We recently came back to Long Beach and to our delight Joe’s still remains as I remember. Thanks to his family for keeping Joe’s dream alive. Going back there after nearly 50 years brought back fond memories and truly warms my heart.”

Mike McComas

“On a recent visit back to my home town of Sterling, IL, I made a trip up to a tavern my family has been going to for generations. Baumgartner’s Cheese and Tavern in Monroe, WI. I had to wear my Joe Jost’s t-shirt to represent my new favorite old tavern Joe Jost’s out here in California! (I live in San Diego, but no trip up north is complete without a cold schooner, a Joe’s special and a couple pickled eggs.)

Baumgartner’s doesn’t have the same food, but a brick cheese sandwich on rye and a lanyager is their faire…. And a close favorite next to Joe Jost’s!”

Kristine Thom

Spent a lot of time in your establishment while I was going to college at LBCC. Just back from Viet Nam. The world owed me a party and some of my pary was at Joe’s with a Joe’s special. Pickled some eggs today with a friend who shared my Joe Jost’s experience and we laughed and smiled about our time at Joe’s. Live in Prescott, Az. now since 1979. Glad you are still operating. Good Fortune

*This email has been sent on behalf of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Good memories

“Some of the best times I ever spent with my dad, before he passed away, were spent shooting pool, having a special and drinking a schooner at Joe’s Jost.”

James Livingston

“About 10 years my wife and I were in a truck stop in Denver. My wife pointed out to me that a truck driver had just gotten out of his truck and had a t-shirt on with my name on it. I went over to him and asked him where he got that shirt. He told me all about the greatest bar on earth and that he went there every time he got to LA. The next summer we planned our vacation to go to Long Beach and find Joe Jost’s tavern. We had a wonderful vacation but the highlight was the afternoon we spent at Joe Jost’s. I now have about 10 Joe Jost’s t-shirts, They’re great and I wear them proudly, Hope to be back there some day soon.”

Joe Jost

“My brother, Tony Schwieger who passed away 6/24/2001,was a big fan of Joe’s. Loved the special!!! He and his buddies (Mike Crevda, Pat Miles, Charlie Egge and Tony’s long time partner Bill Moore) spent many afternoons there talking about the days events, sports (mostly Nebraska football if Tony was doing all the talking) and politics. I had the chance to experience Joe Jost’s while out there visiting Tony during his battle against cancer. I wish we had a place like yours in Grand Island, NE. So, if you see any of Tony’s buddies, please tell them the little brother said hi. Best wishes and keep up the good work!!!”


“I just thought I’d tell you that through the years Joe Jost’s has been the unchanged, reliable and enjoyable of my favorite places to go. I’ve been in Utah for 20 yrs. and make it to the tavern every time i’m in LA. My last trip was a couple of months ago and I went to what used to be my favorite Mexican restaurant…It’s changed. I also hit the tavern and it was, as always, the best beer, sandwich and pickled egg on earth. Don’t ever change.”

Larry Argenian

“I am 46 years old and I grew up in Long Beach. I lived there until I was 28 years old and the best memories I have of my father are going to Joes on Saturday afternoons for a special and pickled eggs with pretzels and peppers. The first time that I can remember was about the time I was 8 or 9 which was in 1964. I miss my dad and the times we had on those Saturdays… I have had pickled eggs around the world and to this day I cannot remember any that taste as good as yours. I live in Victorville and would love to bring my son down for a special and an egg…(but he probably wouldn’t like the egg part..) I miss your place badly! Sincerely, a long lost customer,”

Richard Arglen