“It’s a quaint little neighborhood bar. We go there to enjoy the sausage sandwiches, pickled eggs, pretzels and to shoot pool. Joe Jost’s opened in 1924 on Anaheim in Long Beach and has many loyal customers. You can’t beat it. We’re never disappointed with the food, service or ambience. It’s not pretentious like so many sports bars these days. It’s just a hole in the wall. Nobody bothers anybody. You go there to get away from the world and enjoy the company of friends. You can shoot pool and play shuffleboard in the back. They have three televisions, a counter, and a few booths. Nothing fancy. It’s a throwback to another era, pre-World War II. I’ve been going there for more than 30 years and it hasn’t changed one bit. I like that. Things change so fast and so often these days. Joe Jost’s is an island unto itself. The “Specials” are to die for. Sausage on rye with Swiss cheese and a pickle in the middle. Add a little mustard and you’re in business. Beer on tap. Peanuts too. A place to cherish. The guys behind the bar work their butts off but seem to enjoy what they do. It has a family feel to it. Good energy. It’s not easy to find though. You can drive right by it and mistake it for a hardware store or something. When we go there we can feel a sense of history. The roaring 20’s was in its heyday when that establishment opened for business. If those walls could speak. The stories they could tell. We went there today and hung out for a few hours. Great way to spend an afternoon. Can’t wait to go back. Joe Jost’s is my kind of place. Down to earth. Blue collar. An oasis in this desert we call life. You haven’t been to Long Beach until you’ve been to Joe Jost’s. It gets under your skin and into your heart. Go check it out. You’ll be surprised. Doesn’t look like much. It’s heaven.”