“Joe Jost’s Testimonial To all the father and sons, who have tipped a schooner at Joe Jost’s…I was introduced to Joe Jost’s in 1970, by a crew of sailing buddies, soon after arriving in California from Michigan, and rapidly became a regular. My folks retired soon afterwards and headed from Michigan to Florida. Each time they came to Southern California to visit us, my Dad and I would religiously go to Joe Jost’s! Back in Florida, Dad proudly wore his Joe Jost’s t-shirt, as a conversation starter, so he could tell his golf buddies about Joe Jost’s and the many times he shared a schooner there with his son, Tom. The last time Dad was out, he was in his mid-80’s, not in all that good a health, and having to use a walker to get about. I figured a visit to our old haunt, Joe Jost’s, might be more than he could handle at that point, and just never raised the prospect. I learned afterwards, from my Mother that upon their return to Florida Dad commented on what a great time he had, but added that we hadn’t gone to his beloved Joe Jost’s to tip a schooner. When I eventually heard about it, my heart sank. I had disappointed my Dad. I promised myself that no matter what shape he was in next visit, we would hit Joe Jost’s and share another schooner! I regret to note here that there was no next visit. Dad passed without another chance to go West to visit his family, son and Joe Jost’s. What I have today, though, are many incredibly happy memories of my Dad at Joe Jost’s. To this day, I can’t help but shed a happy tear when I put down a schooner, because I know that Dad is here with me…‘cause Joe Jost’s is a “bit of heaven” that Father and son shared.”