“I played football at Rutgers for three seasons…the last game I played was against Cal in ’99. By the way, Rutgers is in New Jersey (everybody asks ’cause no one knows). Anyway, I tore my ACL while blocking their fullback on a fourth and 1 possesion in the 3rd quarter. As I was being helped off the field, one of the Cal Offensive Lineman walked by me and shot, “Go to Joe Josts and you’ll feel better!”, I said, “What?!”, and he repeated the same thing again, “Go to Joe Josts (Baby) and you’ll feel better!”. During my rehab, I became fixated on what that lineman blurted…it became my “if you build it they will come” moment, and like Kevin Costner didn’t know what to build (at first), I didn’t know what Joe Josts was, which ate at me b/c I love to feel better, who doesn’t? Well, after doing some detective work on the internet, my sidecar found Joe Josts…and last January me and a few buddies made our way to Long Beach. We threw back quite a few Schooner’s…they’re definitely what cold SHOULD taste like. But I have to give love to the special…it’s a natural w/the Schooner…the two should be married and have kids…unless they did and named them Pickled Eggs. Anyway, the next day after Joe Josts I felt like crap…but, that Cal lineman was right…Joe Josts still made me feel better, and my liver made another friend for life. While this ex-football player doesn’t out to the left coast much, I have promised my liver and stomach that it will always feel better whenever my butt gets to Cali. Joe Josts is a classic tavern…it’s like stepping back in time, and it will definitely make you feel better. YES, we lost to 21-7…and NO, Cal didn’t get that first down.”