“Prior to this review, I’ve discussed the idealities of locality and its connection to satisfaction. The character of any business can make the most seedy of bars seem almost ethereal in nature. Again, I express the same feeling for Joe Jost’s.

It’s undeniable. If you’ve been raised in Long Beach, then you probably have some strange, yet astounding connection to this place;It’s an establishment where many a citizen have experienced some “rite of passage” as they perused their city of origin as a young soul. Joe’s may serve only beer, sandwiches, and hard-boiled eggs (which are amazingly neon green in color), but it’s all just fabulous. I can’t think of another place where I’d rather consume 32 gargantuan ounces of bitterly cold Pabst Blue Ribbon while discussing the trivialities of my employment. When you’re there, you know you’re bound to enjoy the experience and even take something away…just not any of the hundreds of “Joe Jost’s t-shirts around the world” pictures on the wall; those are for us all.

Even if you aren’t from the area, take a trip to Joe Jost’s and surround yourself with that all-encompassing neighborhood bar experience. You may be drunk and full of egg, but you won’t be sorry.”