“I just wanted to say thanks!!! I used to live in California, in Long Beach for about 8 years from 1976 to 1984. Naturally I visited Joe Josts often since I was only a few blocks away. I visited the bar this past Monday for the first time in 15 years. Had me a special and a schooner. AHHHHHH just like old times. There was a breeze at the bar, maybe from a fan or just having the doors open, but anyway the money I had on the bar blew off twice. I finally put it under the wrapping for the special to keep it from blowing off. When the beer and food were gone I said “keep up the good work” and left. I was in the back parking lot getting in the car when the bartender came running out and said ” Hey, I think you guys left this $ 15 on the bar by mistake”. He was right. It was the money that I had stuck under the wrapper. I tried to give the tender a $5 reward but he would not accept it. Anyway, it was a good deed and I thought I would write to show my appreciation. Near as I remember, the bartender was about 6’2″ light hair and worked the afternoon shift. Thanks again.”