“Ken… Just a note to let you know that I received the over night delivery of the 75th anniversary tee-shirt and hat on Christmas morning. I appreciate you taking the time to send out the order so quickly. I wasn’t expecting it that fast. It turned out that you helped me make it to my folks later that day with a gift for my brother, that he appreciated it to no end. I wanted to extend my thanks and sincere appreciation to you once again, although belated. Your attention to detail and customer service is a bright spot in an otherwise fading stream of faceless bars and crappy service. Maybe that’s why Joe’s has been around so long. You won’t need luck to make another 75 years, just continued damn good service. Of course, having the best pickled eggs in the entire universe doesn’t hurt either. Have a good new year and maybe I’ll drag my butt out of my bark-a-lounger and get down there. Tip one for me…”