“The kind of place with frosty glasses, wholesome beer, and a small yet tasty menu. You’ve read about the eggs, the incomprehensibly delicious split-pickle/hot-dog/mustard on rye, but did you know there are secret menu choices you can order? Perfectly coincides with its speak-easy past.

Psst! Ever wonder why the storefront boasts sandwiches and root beer only? That dates all the way back to prohibition days. In fact, little has changed.

This bar is so long on history and atmosphere, with its deep dark wood and cozy booths, it has been featured in a Hollywood film. They tried to play it off as an East Coast joint, which ought to tell you something.

But how could they pull that off when Joe Jost’s is an institution, its classic tees spotted all over the world? (Probably ‘cuz they figured no one would see the film)

Well, even if I don’t always enjoy the movie, I love seeing local Long Beach joints showing up on the silver screen. Gives me one more reason to cheer for our landmarks.”