“As an old Douglas Aircraft employee I had heard about this place where they wrap up a hot dog in paper and throw it at you and it’s the best hot dog you ever had, not to mention the coldest beer in town. Finally got to go to Joe’s in 1984. I found a place where, although everybody may not know your name, you’re as at home as you’ll ever be anywhere. I have business associates from St. Louis and Washington, D.C., who bought the hot dogs, the rye bread, the cheese and the proper mustard in an attempt to recreate the Special at home. Never worked. It just isn’t the same as being there. To this day, I bring all my best friends to Joe’s and they all feel the same way: There is no experience quite like sitting at Joe’s with a Special and a schooner of Pabst (or Guinness) among kindred spirits, young and old, who just enjoy being there with each other. Happy 80th Anniversary! May Joe Jost’s live forever!”