“Joe Jost’s has been a entity in the MacPherson family for three generations Before she died, my grandmother told me that a year after my Grandpa started the family business, MacPherson Plastering, he didn’t want her to pack a lunch some days because he was going to Joe Jost’s for a Special. That was in 1924. When I was a little girl, women didn’t go into Joe Jost’s. My dad would park in front in our 1955 Chevy BelAir, go in and buy 4 Specials and we’d eat in the car. That was in 1958. Then in 1969 when I started Poly and pledged Phi Gam, my big sisters took me into Joe Jost’s one Friday night – my first time. By then it had changed generations and was a hang-out for the Cal State Long Beach crowd. I’ll never forget seeing my 10th grade history teacher, Mr. Radford, playing pool in the back room after the Poly football game! I was shocked. Now my brother, Mark, and I meet there whenever we can. We see “kids” we went through Longfellow, Hughes and Poly with. They bring their children and grand-children. In all our travels, we’ve never found anyplace like it. It’s a “home” to a lot of us native Long Beachers and always will be.”