“What a hoot finding the Joe Jost’s web sight. It is a credit to everyone involved. Although I’m an Aussie, I spent six wonderful years in and around Long Beach between ’75 and 80,the best of those years living in the infamous, now departed, Belmont Arms apartments on 10th and Belmont. I mostly worked as a bartender in the now long gone Public House in Belmont Shore. I also put in some time pouring beers at the Annex and briefly (thankfully) the notorious Hollywood on the Pike! Although my working hours were taken up at those pubs, my DRINKING time was spent at the best pub in “Longo”, Joe Josts. Even though I didn’t think too much of packaged Pabsts Blue Ribbon, it tasted like mothers milk in a frosted Joe Josts schooner! My love affair with the humble chili also started in Joes. Every few years I get back to the States and, although I spend most of my time in Northern California when I there, I ALWAYS make a pilgrimage to Long Beach and Joe Josts. I still have my original 70s Joe T shirt as well as the 60th Anniversary, Halloween and Americas cup items. I don’t seem to fit into them anymore but I treasure them as mementos of one of the worlds great pubs! I’m working here in Sydney these days as a journalist. I’ve lost track of most of my old Long Beach mates over the years so, if any of those great folks who knew me back would like to contact me they can Email me on firko@bigpond.com. ‘d love to hear from you. Next time I’m up your way I’ll definitely be dropping in for a few schooners. CHEERS”