“I love this bar! I don’t know the next time I will be at this bar, but I love this bar! I can’t just roll in there with all my girls, but its a great place to hang out with a mix of girls & guys – shoot some pool and have a beer. Or two. OK three.

Had gone here w/ a local LBC’er and just love the nostalgia and straight-up honesty of having your PBR in a cold goblet of a glass.

I also had a bite of the polish, and for a girl that does NOT like hot dogs… it hit the spot! Well especially after 4 of those darn goblets. Its just so easy to drink when your beer is a perfect temperature – ICE COLD.

And I stepped up and also had Sierra Nevada on tap… it was worth it.

I got a tip from one of the old timers at the bar… he said to always try to park in the lot beside the bar. Apparently not the safest area to just park on the street. I’ll take that guy’s advice!

I’ll be back…. for the beer and a sweatshirt. Its getting chilly at night now!”