“Hello! Just stopped by to revisit your webpage. Nice improvements! My Grandfather used to spend many hours in the back room making union deals while enjoying a schooner. My mother lived in the apartment above the bar when she was born, and I started visiting Joe’s in the early 70’s when I turned 21. I didn’t realize until years later how Joe’ fit into my family history. In the recent past, while in the area, visiting Joe’s with a friend we found that our Grandfather’s frequented your establishment during the same time period. We are sure they were friends. I still own a faded, torn (original blue T-shirt) from the 70’s. Its a bitchin’ memory of my youth after graduating from Jordan. Each time I am in the area I stop in an have a Joe’s special and pickled egg. In fact I am on the Wall of Fame in the “Margaritaville Bar” in New Orleans, La. My buddy Pat Purdy (from Jordan’s “Theta Phi” fraternity) brought the picture in and you hung it. Thanks for all the great times and memories. trtllvr@cwia.com”