“First let me say that I have been raised with the knowledge and from pictures and stories about this bar. My father used to bartend there in 1971-1973 while he went to Long Beach State and ever since I have been little I have been raised on the stories of “Joes” He took me there as a kid and showed me the place, and the picture of him that hangs on the wall over one of the tables. I recently made a trip there from San Diego to visit the bar, because I wanted to show some friends and also I had turned 21, so it was time to enjoy beer and a Joes special with friends. I have to say that it was great and that my friends loved it, they also agree that it’s a great place and want to go back soon. Maybe soon I can sit down with my dad and have a few beers ay the bar and talk about old times and what he has witnessed about the place, a shot some stick in the back.”