“My Dad had frequented Joe’s ever since we arrived in LB in 1947; it was a certainty I would too. As a ’59 grad of Wilson High, friends (Craig Reynolds, Dave Ault and some others from the Car Club) and I had long frequented the pool room, from about the age of 16! shocking isn’t it. The Old guy who charged us 60 cents an hour to play really knew we were too young, but oh well. The other old timers there in the back were an education to watch, not just playing pool and snooker, but in just how to be. I was a regular till 1970, now visit only every few years when I return to visit my sis, Cathy Hicks (Larry’s wife). In December of ’97 I bought a schooner glass as a memento, and am using it now, but the beer is never as sweet as I remember the Eastside on tap, a small glass was only a dime then. Over the years my only complaint has been that you periodically repaint the place and dust off the antlers, paint the booths, etc. My very BEST wishes to Ken and the staff, don’t change it too much, I plan to be back in a year or so. crtvplns@nwi.net”