“Hey everyone, how are you? I was recently in the Long Beach Naval shipyards, and ever since my dad told me about your tavern, I’ve brought everyone in there. He’s been going there since about the 40’s. Every time we go in to have a beer there, he always says nothing’s changed…that is fantastic! I love Joe’s, it’s my favorite place to hang out and watch the games. Especially, with the pickled eggs, Schooners, and awesome Polish sausage sandwich. Anyways, I just met someone up here in Sacramento that had a Joe’s shirt on with “JoeJosts.com” so I had to send an E-mail. I miss you. It seems like I always run into people wearing their shirts, about the same time I am, and we get into being nostalgic…and talk about all the fun we’ve had at the bar. I’ve had conversations with people for at least an hour on the same topic. I should be down in the area in about a month or so, and you can believe that I’ll be stopping by with my girlfriend. I can guarantee that she’ll love Joe’s too.”