Hello friends at Joe Jost’s,

My cousin Matt and I were weaned at Joe Jost’s, back when our parents were young and hung out at Joe Jost’s, back in the 1960’s, eating pickled eggs and Joe’s Specials, and drinking cold, cold beer. Aunt Jeannie liked the liverwurst sandwich too, I believe.

Matt and I both turned 50 this year, and though I’m doing well, Matt contracted lymphoma a year and a half ago. Matt is the strongest person I think I’ve ever known, and that sheer physical power has kept him alive past all doctor’s expectations. Still, he won’t live to see 51.

I came up to Seattle for what will probably be my last visit with Matt, my first and oldest best friend. And since I knew I’d see my parents, and aunt and uncle, my cousin Randy, and Matt too, (all proud owners of Joe Jost’s t-shirts, which I am wearing now) I pulled the Joe Jost’s pickled egg recipe out of that old IPT article, and brought a jar up to Seattle with me. We’ve exchanged a lot of weird gifts over the years, but this one’s the best.

Thanks for being part of this story.

David Feder
Portland, Oregon