“Hello Joes! I was born and raised in Long Beach (the shores) and had my first ‘Special’ back in the early 60’s. My Dad and Grandpa would take me there after racing at Ascot Park. When I think back, cokes were a dime and a special was a quarter or something like that. During the late 80’s my son and I would stop there after racing at Ascot. I went there all the time while I was growing up. When 21 came, after work on the way home from Signal Hill, I’d stop in for a schooner of Pabst. Many a good Schooner, special, and eggs did I enjoy! The ambience was always great! I remember the attempt of a 2nd Joes downtown, but nothing is ever as good as the original. My wife, kids and I relocated to WA just outside of Olympia back in 92′. We come down every year to visit friends and relative, and when we do, our 1st and last stop is always at Joes, the greatest place in LB to have a good sandwich and a cold beer! Gotta a lot of memories there! I’ve gotta a great photo coming soon for ‘The Wall. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it! Cool website! Keep on keepin’ on JoeJosts! Looking forward to another visit soon!”