“Hello from God’s Country near Green Bay, Wisconsin! I first visited Joe Jost’s after returning from the Gulf War while serving in the Marine Corps in the early ’90’s. A Marine buddy of mine (Matt Saenz) took me there to show me that there was a “real” tavern in Southern California (I had been skeptical about that since I was from one of the largest tavern states in the country–Wisconsin). Anyhow, Matt and I use to spend our weekend “Libo” trips at his parents house in Long Beach, during which we would find time to stop by to have a special and a schooner and to shoot some pool. I remember how proud he was the first time he and his dad took me there. You could see the obvious pride they both had in your place and in the way it was so real to them. My experiences at Joe Jost’s ended a year or so after returning from Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. I finished my time in the Corps and moved back to Wisconsin. I’ve often thought about SoCal and the good times I had at Joe Jost’s. I have even took measures to make sure that my wife understands how important my blue and grey Joe Jost’s T-shirts are to me and that they are never to be thrown out! When I stumbled on your web-site today I made sure to order some more nostaligic memorabilia. Although it has helped me to remember the good times by seeing your site, it has also made me bummed as I have been trying to locate my friend Matt Saenz for a couple of year’s now with no luck. I last heard that he was a state trooper or police officer near Long Beach. If you or any of your customer’s no the Saenz family or Matt, please give him a shout for me. Thanks! drhoffman@wi-net.com”