“I always make a semi-annual trip to have the special and knock back a couple. Although they publish their recipe for pickled eggs, when we make ’em at home, they’re not quite right. I’m certain they’re leaving out some secret ingredient.

You got the pool, shuffleboard and the polish sandwiches. Plus, the front door/wall slides open for that nice open feel, but most of the time I cram myself in the corner.

When you go, ALWAYS pick up a couple T-shirts. No matter where you go, you WILL get comment about it. I’ve been to Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii and someone says, “Joe Jost’s, how’s the special?” It’s pretty funny.

I’d give it a 5-star for the historical aspect (one of the oldest, if not THE oldest bar in Long Beach), but I’m not in the immediate area and only go on rare occasion, but the place is awesome.”