“Ken and Staff, My allegiance to Joe’s is deep and steeped in history. Actually it only seems like history, but it is deep. I now live in Los Altos (Northern Ca.)….and nothing like Joe’s exits here or anywhere else that I know of. I only have two reasons to travel back to the Long Beach area now: Joe Jost’s Specials and eggs and to visit my fraternity brothers. I pledged SAE in fall 79 and I graduated from LBSU in 82 and actually tended bar @ Joe’s for a few semesters way back in 1981. I still remember fondly the days after school and the excitement about actually going to work! I loved it and had many great hours, wrapping polishes, talking with customers (characters), pouring schooners and serving eggs and pretzels ( I should not write this during lunch, it’s tough for me to not be there!). Anyway, Joe’s hold a special spot in my heart and stomach and I recently served “Specials” to my entire family: wife, kids aged 6-11-13 and they all loved them! Quick true story: I still remember the phone behind the bar ringing at 4pm everyday…it was the wife of the local postman (Ed, I think)…anyway, she always asked if Ed were there? …..and we were told to say “No, but if we see him we’ll let him know you called” “Ed” was actually a few feet away at the bar ( third stool from the left) with a combo beer/tomato juice in a small glass! and a great big smile on his face…….I often wonder what ever happened to Ed, but I suspect the tradition lives on, probably with Ed’s son! Take care and thanks for the great traditions, food and memories…… chetdouglas@hotmail.com”