“My association with Joe Jost’s goes back to the early 40’s. My dad owned and operated a automobile repair business at the corner of Anaheim and Redondo called appropriately, the Anaheim & Redondo Garage. Sharing that property was a Kingsbury gas station. Dad knew everyone in the area and they all relied on him to keep their old “buggies” running during the war years. On Saturdays and during the summer months I was always a fixture at the garage. Dad would frequently buy auto parts at the Old Western Auto Store on the corner next to Joe Jost’s which would always mean lunch at Joe’s. I was between 7 and 13 years old at the time (1940-1946) and can remember the counter full of “regulars” the barber shop, the pool tables (or was it snooker) the “specials”, pickled eggs and those “gross” pigs feet. Dad of course would have his beer. (or beers) One memorable day dad took me next door (after a few schooners) to the Western Auto and bought me a brand new shiny blue Western Flyer bicycle. What a bicycle….what a dad….what days……”