“Just a note from an old 60’s customer. A friend has a daughter going to CSULB and I sent him in to see you when he came down to visit. He became a convert and bought a shirt which is how I got your address. When I first came in about 1959 : schooners were 25 cents, small beers a dime, specials 30 and eggs a dime. Going to LBSC on the GI bill at 110 a mo. made Joes one of my main dining places. I can still taste that first schooner we would have when we came in after a city league basketball game. Lots of fun, good food, pool games and memories go with the Joe’s name. I like to wear your Joe Josts-Long Beach sweatshirt when I go down to Long Beach, Wa. because somebody always wants to know where it is? Thanks for the whole 9 yards!!”