“Five Stars, of course‚Ä®If you are reading this review one of two things are true.

a) you are really hard to convince. Every other review of this place is 4+ stars of raves.

b) you are looking for something different. Lucky, you are now going to get what none of the others will tell you.

You have heard about the pickled eggs; as you belly up to the draft station of a bar ask for two of them. But stop the bartender before he moves and ask him to put one in each schooner and have him fill it up w/ ice cold PBR. The schooner will frost over hiding the treasure within. As you deliver this to your friend or co-worker, mention nothing. You might be able to taste something, but that’s only your mind f**king with you. I think that this is good, but only once and then you can say that you are in the very most elite of Joe’s. PS the place rocks”