“Hello: I just discovered your great website and am elated!!! I retired in Wisconsin a couple of years ago from Huntington Beach after growing up in Long Beach and the only thing I miss about the area is Joe’s! I started going there in 1958 after graduating from Poly in 55′ (actually,the truth be know,I snuck in a few times before I was supposed to!). We used to meet there at 6:00 pm each Thursday night to play snooker and golf until closing at 11:00. Remember in particular the care Wally used to give the tables by brushing after each game. We used to make wagers on weather or not the ashes from the cigarette in his mouth were going to fall on the table while he was brushing it. He was really a unique guy and fit in just perfectly with the ambiance of Joe’s. Now I have my pool table in the basement and no one plays until it is brushed after each game (thanks for the training Wally!) My biggest problem here is trying to duplicate the pickled eggs so I can show my friends one of the greatest things about Joe’s (thus far not successful). I was hoping you would take pity on an old patron and let me have the recipe as I am going through terrible pickled egg withdrawal pains.”