Congratulations July’s Customers of the Month!

My name is Jed Shafer. My grandfather used to bring me to Joe Jost’s as a kid. I thought the “hot dog” sandwiches were amazing, and I loved to seeing (what I thought were) “fishbowls” full of beer. Later, I was able to drink a couple of those with him, which was a joy. I also remember thinking that the wall of fame was very cool.

My grandpa passed away a long time ago, but for years my grandma would send me a new shirt for birthday or Christmas. I still have 3 of the blue T-shirts, and one very very worn out white long sleeve.

This photo was taken off of the Oregon Coast, fishing out of the port of Newport. The halibut in the photo weighed in at just over 40lbs. I’ve caught MANY fish wearing these shirts, but only just remembered the wall when my brother sent me this shot. Now hoping to join the ranks of those Josters I once envied!

Glad to know Joe’s is still going strong, I’ll be back soon with my sons.

– Jed Shafer, Eugene OR.