Upper McCabe

, MAY 2, 1941 Ahead lay Donahue Pass, a formidable barrier of the High Sierras with adjacent crags, glistening snow fields, and lofty weathered buttresses giving an impression of supremacy over all.  Even in this early morning hour wispy clouds of delicate coral tints could be seen frolicking near the summit of the… Read More

Over 100 Years of Peanuts

EXCERPTS TAKEN FROM “THE MARMION CENTURY”, LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM, AUGUST 9, 2007 On Fridays in the mid-1980s, we used to take our paycheck, which was virtually peanuts, and haul it down Pine Avenue to Farmers & Merchants Bank and convert it to cash, then we’d cross Third Street to Marmion Co. and convert it back… Read More