Testimonial by Mike Bean

"My father and mother would smile if they could see the old place still there. My parents were customers for many years before my birth in 1949. They would take me in the place when I was a baby and have a "short beer" or two. My entire family has visited Joes throughout the years. I can still remember seeing my dad sitting at the bar with his buddy Mr. Nelson after work. I spent my 21st birthday there and many others. It great to see the place get the notice it deserves. Joe Josts, the place will live on forever! Take care of the place."


Testimonial by Bob Ward

"Just a note from an old 60's customer. A friend has a daughter going to CSULB and I sent him in to see you when he came down to visit. He became a convert and bought a shirt which is how I got your address. When I first came in about 1959 : schooners were 25 cents, small beers a dime, specials 30 and eggs a dime. Going to LBSC on the GI bill at 110 a mo. made Joes one of my main dining places. I can still taste that first schooner we would have when we came in after a city league basketball game. Lots of fun, good food, pool games and memories go with the Joe's name. I like to wear your Joe Josts-Long Beach sweatshirt when I go down to Long Beach, Wa. because somebody always wants to know where it is? Thanks for the whole 9 yards!!"


Testimonial by Phil Krause

"Ken... Just a note to let you know that I received the over night delivery of the 75th anniversary tee-shirt and hat on Christmas morning. I appreciate you taking the time to send out the order so quickly. I wasn't expecting it that fast. It turned out that you helped me make it to my folks later that day with a gift for my brother, that he appreciated it to no end. I wanted to extend my thanks and sincere appreciation to you once again, although belated. Your attention to detail and customer service is a bright spot in an otherwise fading stream of faceless bars and crappy service. Maybe that's why Joe's has been around so long. You won't need luck to make another 75 years, just continued damn good service. Of course, having the best pickled eggs in the entire universe doesn't hurt either. Have a good new year and maybe I'll drag my butt out of my bark-a-lounger and get down there. Tip one for me..."


Testimonial by John W Hartman

"My Dad had frequented Joe's ever since we arrived in LB in 1947; it was a certainty I would too. As a '59 grad of Wilson High, friends (Craig Reynolds, Dave Ault and some others from the Car Club) and I had long frequented the pool room, from about the age of 16! shocking isn't it. The Old guy who charged us 60 cents an hour to play really knew we were too young, but oh well. The other old timers there in the back were an education to watch, not just playing pool and snooker, but in just how to be. I was a regular till 1970, now visit only every few years when I return to visit my sis, Cathy Hicks (Larry's wife). In December of '97 I bought a schooner glass as a memento, and am using it now, but the beer is never as sweet as I remember the Eastside on tap, a small glass was only a dime then. Over the years my only complaint has been that you periodically repaint the place and dust off the antlers, paint the booths, etc. My very BEST wishes to Ken and the staff, don't change it too much, I plan to be back in a year or so. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."


Testimonial by Joe Rabbia

"Looking forward to the Long Beach Grand Prix only because I will spend 5 days in Long Beach and your establishment. Will you have any T-shirts made for the event? I have talked about joes to my friends and they could not believe that a place could offer so much. Once we were there last year, they were also convinced. Thanks again and we'll see you in April."


Testimonial by Dennis

"Hello, I just finished experiencing your excellent website and want to say that your tavern looks like a really cool place. Unfortunately, I never have been able to experience the place in person but I will put this on the top of my list of attractions the day I do visit California. Joe Josts reminds me of the old, authentic, neighborhood watering holes we are blessed to have in Philly and the Northeast and I love the Pabst on tap. I became aware of your establishment when I met a girl this summer at the Jersey Shore and she was wearing a JoeJosts.com T-shirt. Needless to say, this girl was a really, really cool chick. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see out there soon."


Attention Joe Jost's Pickled Egg Lovers!

Pickled Eggs Mix from Joe Jost's


Are you currently living in an area of the world that doesn’t allow you to make a quick visit to Joe’s but you hunger for one of our famous Pickled Eggs? Well over the years we have received many requests to ship our pickled eggs, but we resisted these requests due to the extreme expense involved. However we have solved that problem, with the help of a food scientist we have developed a dry powdered formula to duplicate our famous pickled eggs.

We provide the dry mix, you provide the eggs, jar and 40 gr. cider vinegar. Just follow the instructions and in just 7 days you will be able to enjoy our pickled eggs. Make them for your own use or send one to a friend or relative as a gift. Click here to place your order now.


Press Telegram Article about Pickled-Eggs Kit
Modern miracles: The Apple Watch and the Joe Jost pickled-egg kit
Joe Jost’s Tavern is located at 2803 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804 USA
Monday-Saturday: 10am-11pm • Sunday: 10am-8pm • Phone: 562-439-5446
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