Testimonial by Charles Dildine

"My association with Joe Jost's goes back to the early 40's. My dad owned and operated a automobile repair business at the corner of Anaheim and Redondo called appropriately, the Anaheim & Redondo Garage. Sharing that property was a Kingsbury gas station. Dad knew everyone in the area and they all relied on him to keep their old "buggies" running during the war years. On Saturdays and during the summer months I was always a fixture at the garage. Dad would frequently buy auto parts at the Old Western Auto Store on the corner next to Joe Jost's which would always mean lunch at Joe's. I was between 7 and 13 years old at the time (1940-1946) and can remember the counter full of "regulars" the barber shop, the pool tables (or was it snooker) the "specials", pickled eggs and those "gross" pigs feet. Dad of course would have his beer. (or beers) One memorable day dad took me next door (after a few schooners) to the Western Auto and bought me a brand new shiny blue Western Flyer bicycle. What a bicycle....what a dad....what days......"


Testimonial by Duane Rose

"Just found your web page, and it's very good, brought back many memories. I moved up here five years ago and I'm still having "Joe Josts" withdrawals. I make sure to wear my various shirts on holiday occasions, just had on my "ain't afraid of no pickled eggs" shirt, will follow that with my "Rudolph, Joe O'Josts, and Fourth of July special". Thanks for the memories, and here is a picture, my best side, in Alaska, near Anchorage at the "Portage Glacier", In my Joe's shirt of course."


Testimonial by Jay Patterson

"Have missed Joe's since I joined the Navy in 1972. Currently off active duty and work for the Army as a civilian. Believe me, nothing here in the Dallas area compares to Joe Jost's when it comes to a cold schooner of beer, peanuts or an egg. How 'bout them Cowboys!? Ha Ha - go 49'ers."


Testimonial by Greg and Lisa Swedenborg

"I have 2 shirts and always thought the JoeJosts.com was a joke, obviously it isn't. My wife and I bought a house in Belmont Heights 2 years ago in July. Shortly after moving in we found out about Joe Jost's after reading an article in the LA Times. Probably 100 schooners and 50 Joe Specials later, I just had to drop you a line and say thanks! What started two years ago as a couple beers for lunch was the discovery of my favorite gathering place. And possibly the best place to start a Sunday Funday. Thanks."


Testimonial by Aaron

"Howdy, my name is Aaron. I am from Long Beach, but being a sailor, have been shipped to Italy. I have searched for pickled eggs and Polish sausages in Naples, but have come up short. I am left with the remembrance of your pub...God Bless America and Joe Jost's! Thanks for the web page. It was a little taste of home."


Testimonial by Lori Bush

"It's been tradition in the Bush family for years to visit Joes....My uncle found the place in 1952 and took my cousins there when they were 12 years old. For years my dad talked about this place with a smile on his face. I finally got my chance at the Thanksgiving family reunion just last week. I have truly been indoctrinated into the Long Beach clan after my trip to Joes! I had a great time and I really enjoyed all of the photos from around the world with the ever fashionable Joes shirt. Your website is really great too!"


Attention Joe Jost's Pickled Egg Lovers!

Pickled Eggs Mix from Joe Jost's


Are you currently living in an area of the world that doesn’t allow you to make a quick visit to Joe’s but you hunger for one of our famous Pickled Eggs? Well over the years we have received many requests to ship our pickled eggs, but we resisted these requests due to the extreme expense involved. However we have solved that problem, with the help of a food scientist we have developed a dry powdered formula to duplicate our famous pickled eggs.

We provide the dry mix, you provide the eggs, jar and 40 gr. cider vinegar. Just follow the instructions and in just 7 days you will be able to enjoy our pickled eggs. Make them for your own use or send one to a friend or relative as a gift. Click here to place your order now.


Press Telegram Article about Pickled-Eggs Kit
Modern miracles: The Apple Watch and the Joe Jost pickled-egg kit
Joe Jost’s Tavern is located at 2803 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804 USA
Monday-Saturday: 10am-11pm • Sunday: 10am-8pm • Phone: 562-439-5446
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