Testimonial by Lash & Rosemary

"Great place with history. I have been going there ever since I got out of the Navy in 1959.

I proposed to Rosemary in 1968 at Joe Josts when she told me that she “liked this place.”

When ever we are in the area we come in to renew our vows."

Lash & Rosemary


Testimonial by Mike McComas

"For many years I worked at L B Community Hospital and after a difficult day my coworkers and I would go to "Joe's" to unwind. Sometime in the early '70's I had a patient named Joe Jost. When I mentioned the good times we had at his bar, he perked up and smiled a thank you. He was a very gentle, soft spoken man and obviously, very pleased to be recognized. We recently came back to Long Beach and to our delight Joe's still remains as I remember. Thanks to his family for keeping Joe's dream alive. Going back there after nearly 50 years brought back fond memories and truly warms  my heart."

Sincerely, Mike McComas

Testimonials by Kristine Thom

"On a recent visit back to my home town of Sterling, IL, I made a trip up to a tavern my family has been going to for generations. Baumgartner's Cheese and Tavern in Monroe, WI. I had to wear my Joe Jost's t-shirt to represent my new favorite old tavern Joe Jost's out here in California! (I live in San Diego, but no trip up north is complete without a cold schooner, a Joe's special and a couple pickled eggs.)

Baumgartner's doesn't have the same food, but a brick cheese sandwich on rye and a lanyager is their faire…. And a close favorite next to Joe Jost's!"

Thanks! Kristine

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Testimonial - Good memories

Spent a lot of time in your establishment while I was going to college at LBCC. Just back from Viet Nam. The world owed me a party and some of my pary was at Joe's with a Joe's special. Pickled some eggs today with a friend who shared my Joe Jost's experience and we laughed and smiled about our time at Joe's. Live in Prescott, Az. now since 1979. Glad you are still operating. Good Fortune

*This email has been sent on behalf of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Testimonial by James Livingston

"Some of the best times I ever spent with my dad, before he passed away, were spent shooting pool, having a special and drinking a schooner at Joe's Jost."


Testimonial by Joe Jost

"About 10 years my wife and I were in a truck stop in Denver. My wife pointed out to me that a truck driver had just gotten out of his truck and had a t-shirt on with my name on it. I went over to him and asked him where he got that shirt. He told me all about the greatest bar on earth and that he went there every time he got to LA. The next summer we planned our vacation to go to Long Beach and find Joe Jost's tavern. We had a wonderful vacation but the highlight was the afternoon we spent at Joe Jost's. I now have about 10 Joe Jost's t-shirts, They're great and I wear them proudly, Hope to be back there some day soon."


Attention Joe Jost's Pickled Egg Lovers!

Pickled Eggs Mix from Joe Jost's


Are you currently living in an area of the world that doesn’t allow you to make a quick visit to Joe’s but you hunger for one of our famous Pickled Eggs? Well over the years we have received many requests to ship our pickled eggs, but we resisted these requests due to the extreme expense involved. However we have solved that problem, with the help of a food scientist we have developed a dry powdered formula to duplicate our famous pickled eggs.

We provide the dry mix, you provide the eggs, jar and 40 gr. cider vinegar. Just follow the instructions and in just 7 days you will be able to enjoy our pickled eggs. Make them for your own use or send one to a friend or relative as a gift. Click here to place your order now.


Press Telegram Article about Pickled-Eggs Kit
Modern miracles: The Apple Watch and the Joe Jost pickled-egg kit
Joe Jost’s Tavern is located at 2803 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804 USA
Monday-Saturday: 10am-11pm • Sunday: 10am-8pm • Phone: 562-439-5446
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