Pickled Eggs Mix

Pickled Eggs

 Egg man and Friends

Joe's specially prepared pickled eggs are served on a mound of pretzels with chili peppers.

One Egg w/ Pretzels = $1.25

Jar of 9 Eggs (to go) = $11.50 

Jar of 18 Eggs (to go) = $23.50

Pickled Eggs Golden Peppers for Pickled Eggs pickled eggs by the jar

"Love this place. Great ice cold beer, so cold that it gives you a brain freeze if you drink it too fast. Pickled eggs and pretzels? Yep. Never thought I'd crave such a thing, but after having them here, now I do."



"It's as close to Heaven as you can get when you have a wife who gifts you a 'half gallon' [of pickled eggs] on Valentine's Day!!"

Lake Forest, CA